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Conference dates: 16-17 April, 2016 Venue: Hotel Clarks Awadh, Lucknow

Secretary General- Mr. Avinash Singh Vishen
Deputy Secretary General- Mr. Suhail Khan
Chief Adviser: Ms. Mitali Bhasin


The maiden edition of,
The Global United Nations Conference was organized at Hotel Clarks Awadh, Lucknow from 16-17 of April, 2016. TGMUN was looked on with high expectations as it was among the very few conferences which prevailed over Lucknow and all over Uttar Pradesh. TGMUN was looked on with high expectations by all Model UN enthusiasts and the Organizing Committee did fulfilled every aspect, this Model UN Conference by students, for students saw a vey captivating start wherein came the Chief Guest at the Opening Ceremony, the Minister of state for skill development and Vocational Studies ,Mr. Abhishekh Mishra. Mr. Mishra is a PhD from the University of Cambridge whereupon his research area was Strategy and Innovation. Been an assistant professor of Business Policy at IIM Ahmadabad, Dr. Mishra connects mellifluously with young inquisitive people who he believes have the most caliber in them, the right insignia to bring about the change. Gender Equity was shown not just in spirit but in action as well when the chief guest asked a female faculty member to light the lamp.

It is not easy to organize an MUN and that too becomes an incredulous and a very callous task fact that all work has to be done by students rather inquisitive souls who have in them the spirit to work and strive, toil and bleed and put together a conference, magnanimous in scope and versatile in style. Keeping the finest hospitality in mind, the conference was organized at a 5 Star Hotel at the city of Nawabs. To say that it was all possible because of the efforts of a person, is not justified. It would be a sin. But to say that a team of men and women lead by Rishabh Jaiswal who have in them the seemingly endless spirit to bring about a change, to usher for peace, to promote gender equality would definitely not undermine their efforts but would rather underscore the notion, penchant towards being excellent.

The TGMUN stimulated five enthralling committees with Global Agendas set out to make a difference. The committees being discussed were the All India Political Parties Meet with its agenda as "Reviewing the reservation system in India", the United Nations Security Council emphasizing upon the 'Rohingya Refugee Crisis. 'European Refugee Crisis was the UNGA Plenary's agenda. Discussing the imminent threat, a cause that might annihilate mankind, World War III was the centre of perusal of the UNGA DISEC. Sometimes one wonders what would have been the course of history, had one not made a mistake, had they taken in all the interwoven threads into consideration more pragmatically. Such an issue circumscribed the most important committee, US House of Select Committee on Assassinations. The agenda the set dated back to the cold war era-"Reinvestigating the Assassination of President J.F. Kennedy”.

Mr. Satrajit Sahani, Mr. Neel Duttaroy, Mr. Sarthak Tandon, Mr. Prateek Mago, Ms. Aparajita and others formed the Executive Board for the conference. The International Press was lead by the efforts of Ms. Khushnaaz Homawazir.

The closing ceremony witnessed Mr. Mata Prasad Pandey, Speaker Vidhan Sabha and Dr. Amrita Dass, leading educationist. Acknowledging the efforts of the youth, they mentioned how the young and motivated could bring about the change. They mentioned how we're all united by common goals in spite of being separated by miles. Talking about global issues he reaffirmed his faith in the future being bright where students tackle and ponder about global issues. He iterated Rudyard Kipling's IF mentioning how even if one loses all his possessions one should try and try hard to prove one's mettle. In a nutshell the extraordinary guests inspired many hearts instilling the young to outshine the best and shine like the brightest star in the sky. The conference was officially declared closed by Mr. Avinash Singh Vishen, which later gathered all from the Delegates to the organizing Committee for a Social Night.

To sum it all up in the words of Ms. Mitali Bhasin,
"The day had just begun. The sun had just risen. And there were miles we have to run; a zillion hearts meant to be won!"
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