The Global Foundation

Conference Dates: 19-21 May, 2017
Venue: School of Management Sciences, Lucknow
   Secretary General- Mr. Unnat Bansal
   Deputy Secretary General- Ms. Kuhu Srivastava

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• UN Women
    1) Eliminating preventable Maternal Maternity
    2) Growing Women’s Economic Empowerment

• United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
   1) Commercialization of Outer Space
   2) Reforms to the Moon Treaty, 1979

• Special Meet of Heads of States
   Agenda: International Immigration problem and Setting standards or equitable intake of Refugees

• United Nations General Assembly (Legal- Sixth Committee)
  1) The legality of Targeted Killings
  2) Effect of Armed Conflict on Treaties

• United Nations Security Council
   Agenda: Spratly Islands Dispute

• Indian Parliament (Lok Sabha)
   Agenda: The question of Bilateral Assistance for military Maneuvers with Special Reference to Cross Border Strikes

• Prime Minister's Cabinet, 1984 (Constant Crisis Committee)
   Agenda: Operation Blue star, Amritsar, Punjab
   Note: This is a double delegation committee.

• Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee
   1) Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of Indigenous People
   2) Safeguarding Endangered Languages and Dialects

THE MEDIA DIVISION (an initiative by TGMUN)

TGMUN is known for re-inventing the MUN set up in India and keeping this in mind, we proudly present to you The Media Division. For all our aspiring reporters we have brought this challenging, grueling and rejuvenated form of the International Press (IP).
What we have seen and noted after conducting extensive surveys is that the reporters, photographers and other such participants of International Press have gone unnoticed in the past few years. Moreover, International Press has never done justice to the creativity of writers, photographers, videographers and artists because they are told what to do. We believe that creativity can never be dictated. Hence, we developed The Media Division. After registration, writers, photographers and videographers will be sorted and grouped into teams. These teams would represent various prestigious NEWS AGENCIES (like Reuters, Al Jazeera) and shall be told just one thing, "Cover the event". There shall be no interference from the secretariat or The Media Division Head and all the teams will be given absolute freedom to choose the committees to cover, interviews to take and the way it has to be done. At the end of day one and two, a report, photographs and a video will have to be submitted which shall be judged upon. On the final day, a report and a video shall have to be presented to The Media Division Head.

 The challenge would be to distribute responsibilities amongst the team members themselves as there shall not be a team leader. For the first time, the reporters will have to showcase diplomacy because if they don't then the other teams shall surpass them. Also, for the first time, reporters will not have to get bored in a committee if it’s slow because this time the power is in the hands of The Media Division Members!
We hope participants’ experience with The Media Division will be a memorable and an educational one.
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