The Global Foundation

TGMUN, India

When we set out to achieve our mission, we had only one goal in mind which was to make a difference to the way students learn and gain. Turning the pages of history, we find that the concept of Model UN Conference dates back to 1999, when the first Model UN Conference took place in Mumbai at the Cathedral and John Connor School by the name ‘CMUN’. It till date is counted amongst the most celebrated Model UN Conferences in the country. 1999 was the beginning of a completely different era for extracurricular activities, both at the college and school level in India. Model UN Conferences started in Uttar Pradesh in 2013 at the college level and in 2014 at school level in Lucknow. Commencing with the journey in 2015, TGMUN stands firm on organizing a conference successfully catering each and every point of a successful conference from the Executive Board to the Food. Celebrating the start of its second year, The Global Model United Nations has been one of the most competent MUNs in India. The Global Model United Nations, Lucknow attracted over 300 delegates, and had five very diverse committees including a stimulation of the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations, Re-investigating the Assassination of 36th United States President John F. Kennedy. This was the first time that such a dynamic committee was help in the India Circuit, and it sure proved to be a very fulfilling experience for the delegates. Also, the classical United Nations Security Council and the United Nations General Assembly (Plenary) were simulated. To add to the appeal, an Indian committee, the All India Political Parties Meet was simulated. Whether the applicants are first timers or Model UN veterans, it can be made a surety that the delegates at TGMUN will enjoy the conference. Exceptional Structure of the Conference: The Global Model UN Conferences are as prestigious in nature, as they are in name. The conference has been known to entertain some of the best Executive Board Members across the nation, with a collective Model UN Experience of more than 300 Model UN Conferences. The Secretariat consists of some of the most experienced MUNers across the country too, that have been part of the Secretariat and Organizing Committee several times, and have pledged on their last breath to make the conference better than its counterparts, a feat which they always do manage. The venue for The Global Model United Nations Conferences are set up in the most professional of areas, which give the participants the feeling of a proper Conference, so that they may get into the character to deliberate upon their very important roles in the committees with ease.